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5 Squat Variations You Can Add To Your Training Routine

20 avril 2022

5 Squat Variations You Can Add To Your Training Routine

Squats are one of the most well-known compound exercises and are a staple for many people's lower body routine.

They help build full-body strength, hypertrophy and stability in the muscles and joints.

There are many variations with each one providing distinct benefits depending on your training goals.

Here are 5:

1. Goblet Squats

What better way to kick off the variations than to state the beginner-friendly squat in Goblet Squats.

These are great for beginners who are new to the movement pattern for squats and just as great for building bulletproof knees. By shifting the external weight from the back to the front it counterbalances any issues individuals may have falling backwards whilst squatting, improving core stability.

Dear Runners - take a look at these for Marathon season when doing your strength training. Kind Regards, John

2. Split Squats

We're splitting squats into two halves and suggesting split squats for our next variations.

Given you're training one limb at a time, split squats are best for any unilateral training you'll want to do to touch up on any imbalances or weaknesses you may have.

Keep in mind that split squats are not lunges. Split squats involves remaining in a stationary position when the back knee drops down whilst lunges involves a forward and backward step before dropping the back knee.

You can go a step further and progress the variation by doing the Bulgarian variation and resting the back foot on a bench or box you come across.

3. Sumo Squats

No no they're not squats that only sumo wrestlers do but they're great for those with long limbs looking to develop lower limb flexibility.

Widening the foot stance compensates for any ankle mobility issues and improves the squat depth of one. Sumo squats also activate more of the glutes, meaning they're the best for building those peaches!

4. Pistol Squats

And no they're not squats that are going to shoot you down.

Although they're probably among the most difficult variation to perform. Pistol squats are worth giving a try. They're a true test of balance, co-ordination and grit especially towards the end of a set or workout. If you struggle with these always find a TRX strap to support yourself and hang on for dear life!

5. Squat Jumps

And finally - the finisher which are squat jumps. Squat Jumps (or Jumping Squats) are perfect for building explosiveness and power in, activating more of those fast twitch fibres compares to other squat variations.

With the company of dumbbells or kettlebells in both hands or your bodyweight, you'll be flying into the air like fireworks on bonfire night.

For athletes doing power sports such as Basketball, American Football and Rugby, squat jumps are a good exercise to program in.

Well there you have it guys: 5 badass squat variations for you to try and challenge yourselves with and get those peaches more functional!

What's your favourite squat variation? Feel free to leave them in the comments. Give us a follow on Instagram and Facebook whilst you're at it too!

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